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  • Dealing With Bunions

    08 June 2015

    Overview A bunion is a bony lump on the side of your foot, which develops when your big toe starts to angle towards your second toe. The bunion will eventually cause you discomfort and pain. The skin over the lump can become red, blistered or infected....

  • Freeman Bare Foot Repair For Callus Softening And Cracked Heels

    29 October 2014

    Corns and calluses are common conditions of the feet that can be found in people of all ages, health, and activity levels. Calluses remover is our latest creation. Aside form loss of vision and problems with kidney, another important thing that diabetics...

  • Foot Problems Are Genetic

    05 November 2014

    Diabetics often suffer foot and leg pain as a result of complications that are associated with the diabetes. The human foot is capable to adjust to irregular ground, in an extensive range of conditions. A detailed foot pain diagnosis is required if you...

  • Do You Have Hard Skin On The Bottom Of Your Foot?

    12 November 2014

    There are different types of foot fungus that occur due to many factors both internally and externally, that can alter one's physical state, foot wise. Every day there are many women around the world that wish that they could change the way that their...

  • Ugg Boots

    19 November 2014

    Although itching and blistery feet may be a sign of Athlete's foot, those who have constant numbness or tingling in their feet may be suffering from a condition known as peripheral neuropathy. You can barely remember the last time you weren't bothered...

  • Achilles Tendonitis The Facts

    17 December 2014

    Overview Achilles Tendonitis or achilles tendinopathy which is probably a more accurate term is an overuse injury causing pain, inflammation and or degeneration of the thick achilles tendon at the back of the ankle. The term achilles tendinopathy is probably...

  • Symptoms Of Swollen Feet

    04 January 2015

    If your Ball Of Foot Pain feels like a bruise or a dull ache, you may have metatarsalgia People with metatarsalgia will often find that the pain is aggravated by walking in bare feet and on hard floor surfaces. Pain in the ball of your foot can stem from...

  • What Exactly Brings About Plantar Fasciitis

    07 January 2015

    Overview If your first step in the morning often feels like it involves a rusty nail being inserted into your heel, youâ re not alone. Heel pain resulting from plantar fasciitis is the most prevalent condition treated in podiatric clinics, and an additional...

  • What Will Cause Heel Discomfort And How To Fix It

    11 January 2015

    Overview The plantar fascia is a tough and flexible band of tissue that runs under the sole of the foot. It connects the heel bone with the bones of the foot, and acts as a kind of shock absorber to the foot. Sudden damage, or damage that occurs over...

  • What Is Painful Heel

    15 January 2015

    Overview Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain in runners, eventually affecting 10 percent of the running community. While running, the plantar fascia works with the Achilles tendon to store and return energy. Because of its powerful...

  • What Will Cause Pain Under The Heel And The Way To Prevent It

    18 January 2015

    Overview Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain. The plantar fascia is the flat band of tissue (ligament) that connects your heel bone to your toes. It supports the arch of your foot. If you strain your plantar fascia, it gets weak, swollen,...

  • Do you know the Chief Causes And Treatments Of Achilles Tendonitis Suffering ?

    06 March 2015

    Overview Achilles tendonitis is commonly seen in athletes who sustain an increase in training load, and is most often due to overuse. Tendons respond poorly to overuse, therefore healing is slow. This can leave a tendon pathologically defective, which...

  • Heel Discomfort The Major Causes, Signs And Treatment Choices

    29 March 2015

    Overview Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition affecting the bottom of the foot. It is a common cause of Heel Pain and is sometimes called a heel spur. Plantar fasciitis is the correct term to use when there is active inflammation. Plantar fasciosis...

  • Does Severs Disease Often Have To Have Surgery?

    17 May 2015

    Overview Sever's disease is a common cause of heel pain in active children. Sever's disease, also called calcaneal apophysitis, occurs when the growth plate of the heel is injured by excessive forces during early adolescence. Causes Sever's disease also...

  • Achilles Tendonitis Can Be Treated With Preventive Foot Care

    11 May 2014

  • Heel Spur Causes, Symptoms, Treatments, And Surgery

    11 May 2014

  • The Link Between Your Heel Pain And Plantar Fasciitis

    21 May 2014

  • Prevention, Diagnosis And Classification

    23 May 2014

  • How To Treat Hallux Valgus

    24 May 2014